Zero emission energy systems

Photovoltaics "from A to Z"

From initial Analysis to Commissioning. We will verify the feasibility of the installation (roof / ground / water area), including any restrictions (zoning plan, building statics, distribution network parameters, fire protection, etc.).

Based on electricity consumption during the day-week-year, we will design the optimal size (performance) of the PV plant in a possible combination with storage (batteries) in the appropriate capacity so as to minimize overflows into the distribution network. We select components based on customer requirements with an assessment of investment costs, return on investment, operating costs and the life of the PV plant.


The result is an offer precisely tailored to the customer's needs and the layout of the affected areas / spaces. We are able to adapt the business model to the customer's ideas in practically the entire breadth - from the classic variant of 100% ownership and operation by the customer, through various variants of mutual share in investment / operation, to complete outsourcing of electricity production and supply by the customer, resp. users of facilities within the production range, also with a possible repurchase option into the customer's ownership.

Of course, there are technical and administrative services associated with operation, maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service.


Our company is involved in a number of energy projects
especially in the field of flue gas greening.