We consist of wings for local non-profits

3. 2. 2020

We support the "Křídlení" project, which is focused on long-term goals:

  • support for fundraising of the non-profit sector in the region
  • creating a platform for system search of resources for:
  • organizations with physically and mentally handicapped clients, people with various disabilities, seniors, socially vulnerable citizens, children, youth and students
  • organizations dedicated to the protection and care of animals, nature conservation and environmental protection
  • support for the projects and activities of these organizations
  • organizing events in support of these non-profit entities and for charitable purposes
  • creating specific opportunities for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and individuals (volunteering and donations)
  • creating long-term forms of cooperation between companies and individuals with the non-profit sector
  • awakening philanthropic potential and connecting subjects and individuals with the non-profit sector
  • motivating and increasing the involvement of companies and individuals for the development of civil society
  • support for the education of non-profit organizations
  • search for new creative mechanisms to support the non-profit sector