Flue-gas desulphurization

O službě

Dry sorbent injection

  • dosing of limestone into the combustion chamber
  • dosing of lime sorbents into flue-gas ductpipes

Semi-dry methods:

  • combination of the dry process with flue gas spraying with water in reactor arranged downstream the boiler,
  • semi-dry method including flue gas contact with sorbent and recirculated agent solution in reactor equipped with atomizer,
  • semi-dry method carried out in the following 3 steps: flue gas conditioning, flue gas contact with dry sorbent in form of Ca(OH)2 and finally sorbent and ash recycling in pneumatic reactor.

Wet lime method:

  • flue gas washing with quicklime or limestone aqueous suspension.

We offer greening, or flue gas cleaning, in a "turnkey" design for energy sources of small, medium and large outputs.

Envir & Power is capable to design and fabricate equipment fulfilling the requirements of (BAT) Best Available Techniques.

Our company is involved in a number of energy projects
especially in the field of flue gas greening.