Ecologization and energy sources

Construction and reconstruction in energy

The company focuses on the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of engineering units, mainly in the field of energy, medium to large power sources, power plants, heating plants and more. Our main field also includes the construction of photovoltaic power plants both in industrial buildings and in open spaces.

Our team has experience in the implementation of projects focused on flue gas desulphurization, both with a wet scrubbing system (suitable for higher power units) and semi-dry desulphurisation methods using a fluidized bed reactor or atomizer. Semi-dry desulphurisation technologies are linked to the separation of solid pollutants (PM) by means of fabric filters or electrostatic precipitators. Part of the dedusting is also a comprehensive solution for the dispatch of ash or product after desulphurisation.

We also focus on the so-called denitrification, ie reducing the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas, both by the SNCR method (primary and secondary measures) and the SCR catalytic reduction method.

We design and supply various configurations of these methods for energy sources, both for medium and very large power sources (for power units).

Our company is involved in a number of energy projects
especially in the field of flue gas greening.